Accessories for the furniture industry and polyurethane plastic

The Belpassi firm, rewarded from the confidence of its customers, is in constant expansion and pursuing the objective to diversify and to upgrade its products, and its technologies, from ten years, have dedicated also to the activity of working thermoplastic materials for extrusion and stamping to injection. The requirements of the market have pushes to us in fact to realize a complete unit for the extrusion of technical profiles, flexible rigid and co-extruded, that spaces from the furniture industry to more varies fields of application. We have three lines very distinguished of products that they cover:

»Edges and profiles flexibles filmed with warmth transfer

»Edges and profiles rigid and co-extruded filmed with warmth transfer

»Flexibles profiles for chassis doors and lockings

Our technical office takes care about the development and the realization of new products, taking advantage us of companies specialized with beyond thirty years of activity in the construction of stamps and rows that currently collaborate with us.

The all is bound together from an unit of stamping to injection that takes care of the realization of various accessories which hooves, feet, angles, that paint in all the wood essences, to chromium and aluminum completes the range to supply to the furniture producer of all the kinds.

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