Accessories for the furniture industry and polyurethane plastic
Our line of accessories for the furniture industry made in expanded polyurethane, spaces from the modern and classic to the baroque style. You can appreciate in this section the designs of rooms of greater interest on the market, or you can realize your personal style by our unit of moulds construction. Beyond to the classic accessories for bedrooms, which are headboards.
The "Barocche" most famous   The "Classiche" most famous   The "Arte Povera" most famous



Colors and Finishes available »   Colors and Finishes available »   Colors and Finishes available »
The construction of moulds in epoxy resin, happens entire in our units. This allows the development of new models in a very short time combined with delivery flexibility and excellent qualitative control. We care about your models, from the phase of set up, to the mould realization and finally to the first one piece in PU, searching the maximum satisfaction of the customer, aware who the twenty-years acquired experience in this art to construct the stamp must be put to your disposition.

Production stamps Belpassi     Production stamps Belpassi