Accessories for the furniture industry and polyurethane plastic
About Us    

The production of parts and accessories for the furnishing industry and the refrigeration in expanded poliurethane is from always Core business of our company.
With experience of 30 years in this field, they have been affinate the productive techniques for assuring to the customer technical and esthetic servicies of high level. Our complete service leave from products development, to realization stamp and production. Thanks to this organization our company has become a leader of the field.
Besides the traditional for outside and inside to the building field products for the furniture industry it is present today a line of decoration for outside. Our firm is in constant expansion and continuing the objective to diversify its products, it has placed side by side to its main production also activities of working of the plastic materials which are extrusion and covering of profiles and rigid and flexible edges in PVC, injection moulding. The Belpassi firm believes in the group spirit creating between supplier, employees and customer a very special team,in a position to excelling with in the challenges of total market.